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Aw YEH Sasha and Snuffs print!

This looks better just a smidge darker but that’s good it’ll probs look super sexy printed HEHEHE

I’m torn between loving this and judging this harshly bc what is perspective LOL


4:30 I managed to draw a th i n g.

I like to imagine Dove can whoop ASS despite being a blind child. Kinda like Toph, but he doesn’t fight unless he has no choice.

And yeah he totally hits people with his stick.

Gonna crash in bed now that an hour of calming down has ensued.

So this is Pouring, one of Dove’s to-be guides!

He’s a depressed little Fluff from the Cloud Forests who spends his time floating mostly alone down below on the ground because he’s too sad and full of rain to float back up to the Cloud Kingdom.

Sometimes he rains on accident.

Sidebar image I made for the updated theme of my blog U v U <3 <3 <3

Go look if ya wanna it’s whateves. I also updated TheBosom and Sunstones-comic to anybody that gives a hoot, no big thing I just spent like 4 hours doing nothing but fussing with code yeh LMFAO

That isn’t to say I coded them myself, however, cool as that would be.

but uh

FRECKLE HEHEHEH dreaming up dreamy kitten things

BREATHES HEAVILY AND PROCRASTINATES yes okay I’ve now got to do my homework LOL

Healing powurzzzzzzzzzzzz~~~~~


This is really p quick and messy but I wanted to sort of document the black hand he has, a sort of life/death thing. The only 2 abilities he maintains after his reincarnation cycle is cut short, the ability to create and heal and the ability to destroy and kill.

He uses the black hand very sparingly, as he would rather save every single one of his creatures from corruption no matter how far gone they are. But if they cannot be saved and are harming too many other creatures, it’s his only choice.

AW MAN So idk how these are gonna fly, but here are some Light Spirit prints from Twilight Princess!

Dat snake one tho has like NO good refs so his patterns are probs off but wtV///

These were pretty fun *V*



My back injury made that task impossible until today, but HAH!! New Sunstones prints for AN! Playing with palettes was a challenge, and I’m pretty sure I spent longer doing that than actually drawing/finishing these, BUT I think the results are pretty cool *V*/

Also it was fun to play around with the treatment of the elements heheh. I think I finally figured out how to do fire that works for my style ;y

WAO i doodled.

Tablet’s still very sensitive, but I’m going to keep drawing today anyway >8OOOO



ChimerAE by DialBM

Chimera, ae, chimerae, it’s a no brainer.

This is for Clef-sama, it’s not an oc of hers, it’s literally her.

Ok but everyone look at diego’s adorable arts and go tell him you love it bc he doesn’t believe me when I say I do


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Designing Dragons for Nata’s woooorld. They’re technically aliens from a lizard planet called Nion PSHHHHH

Yeh this is Gal I suppose, but there’s not much else about her tbh

how do u do gold tho

So this is kind of not very good but it’s Angelo and at least i actually DREW something this weekend, so that’s worth it x’D;;

Now I believe it’s time for bed tho, sigh sigh.

Hey this doesn’t look too bad so far.

TOO TIRED TO FINISH IT TODAY;;;; Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the drive to attempT to finish it.

My gosh though I turned on pen pressure and opacity sensitivity and jfc does it make a hugeass difference in my PS painting or whAT

Lawhd this is so unclear and idefk if I’ll finish it BUT

I suppose it’s posing/environment practice so I might!

Such an unlikely pair that somehow works, Meach and Benjamin. Even if this isn’t what Benjamin’s basement bunker dungeon looks like well whateves. One chair, and the floor is dirty, so clearly this was the only logical solution.

And since I know it’s horrid to see, Benji is braiding her hair and decorating it lazily with miscellaneous bones and bird feathers.

SO. Rough concept for the layout of Dove’s world. Unofficial names for the locations for the most part PFFTH but placement I’m pretty happy with uvu

YEH Gonna use this as a basis for species creation!