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DOODLES!!!! A day late for inktober, but I just realized I should do it for JAKE instead!!! So I’ll just post this as a doodle and work on Jake’s style this month!

Also we did some watercolor practice in class from a still life and eh this is a process shot but it looks better than the final result so theRE.

Some doodles with a classmate today hehehehhhh. She asked me to draw Jake (up in the left corner) and I was just like SQUINTS. Do u mean my Jake. And she meant my Jake and I’m just like EXTRA SQUINTS u follow me somewhere Chelsea I know eet wheRE ARE U.

AAAAAND some more!!! I had lots of fun doing these eve

I’m too self conscious about posting nipple tassel boy sO MAYBE ILL JUST PRETEND THAT ONE DIDNT HAPPEN LMFAOOOOOOO

Some commissions I did for the first 2 days! Some obviously better thaN OTHERS BUT WHAT CAN I SAY LMFAO


Some of the stuff I got while at AWA owo 

The sylveon was a commission I got from kikiine and it is so awesome and i love it aaa

The art and buttons are by clefdesoll and they are super awesome too and i love them uvu 

YEAHHHH THE GOODS!!!! I’m glad you like it, thank you so much!! Q7Q

Makes me so excited to see people enjoy our stuff //WEEPS ON THE FLOOR Ty Ty

So I don’t think I even posted about this but u guys if u know me and u are going to be at AWA the last day of the con (tomorrow), pls come buy things LOL

WE ARE NOT DOING SO GOOD FRIENDS LMFAO Not coming to this con next year I tell u what tho.

Who can resist u Jake? Who can resist u?

Anonymous: Sabes hablar español1? :OO!!! En ese caso debo aprovechar la oportunidad para decirte en otro idioma que tan genial es tu arte y cuanto adoro tus comics <3 los he seguido desde hace ya varios años y ahhhh me enorgullece de extraña manera ver que sigas trabajando duro y que tu arte siga mejorando uwu

WEHHHHHH////// UN POCO haha xD

Estudie paraaaaa 3 años hehehe pero cada año olvidé mas y mas :^{ que lastimaaaaaa.

PERO!!! Puedo leer mejor que puedo hablar/escribir. Gracias para tus palabras y cosas q7q Mi corazón esta feliz /uvu\  


HmmmMMMM lots of mistakes but here’s this morning’s watercolor study x”D

Just trying to get a better feel for using them! Might do another today (I just got my new watercolors in! And gouache too! So maybe a gouache study).


SPOILERS, Damien’s a huge nerd.

Lucky for him Freckle is ALL ABOUT the nerds.

Doing a test page for Dr. Freckle! I’m liking the colors, soft and pleasant, not so sold on how I shaded it. But i do like the bubbles and the lines! I’m still going to try a couple of different things until I really get what I want, but I’m getting closer to something that works for me!

This took me about 2 hours.



WIP! Freckle turnaround. Might add a couple more angles, depends on how motivated I am.

I’m gonna try and whip my stuff into shape by trying to do a bunch of turnarounds EvE

Start with animals and move my way up to humans as I get more used to doing them. SO have a Freckle in progress LOL

I’ll probably do Freckle, TBatR, and Dove turnarounds since these are the stories I’ve got running for the semester anyway ;y


Look at this HUGE NERD.

Claudia and I were watching 16 right like super dorks and there was this bg chara in some cute outfit so she was like draw that so I did and now there’s this new boyfriend for Olli ok his name’s Roberto because of reasons.

He works at the movie theatre LOL yehs.

Look at this little hedgehog lotus guy for Dove’s World e v e

The females have white flowers and the males have pink ones HEHEHEH they’re so presh and cute ok mhm