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quick commission for kikiine! thank you so much~

SQUEAKS A LOT AH///// Thanks so much Andy ahhhhh your stuff never fails to woo me off my feet WEEPS

Look at these PRESH guys, literally SPOT ON JOLLY GOOD TO YOU SIR OMG

Another before bed doodle :Y This is like the second time I ever draw Nathan or smth LOL bby u got bed head or some such thing.

Claudia what if tho one day Meach gets hurt out storm chasing and what not and lil Nathan doesn’t understand why momma isn’t coming home for a few days bloobloobloo ok I’m going to bed gonna think ab dis like a nerd LOL

Here you go babydoll hehehe/////

I guess this is the last one I’ll do since nobody else is asking LOL And it’s bedtime, so x’D;;;

I like this one she’s a cutie


Trial #2 for Mist’s design! They’re mostly just sketches, I didn’t wanna bother doing a full sheet until I’ve got him down easily. AKA, gonna consult my favorite woman for advice LOL

Plus not all of these match in style which is not exactly good for a ref sheet so LMFAO

But these are better!! ;y

Well, they’re defs p different from what I usually would have done LOL

Still doing requests!! practice practice practice :y

OC Requests????

Gonna doodle it up LOL I want to try somethiiiing a little different with shapes?? And that’s always easier when I do it with characters I’ve not got a set mind for. So no fanart for shows and mine and Claudia’s babies are probs gonna not be good for that practice so LOL

I’ll only take humans for right now, or OCs that can easily drop any animal features. And I may not do everything, but something that catches my interest!

SO!!! Send me a request if you don’t mind me going crazy and possibly ruining your characters in the name of progress LOL

Sometimes Lee just needs some extra love, lookit that handsome stupidass man.

Quick dooble before bed U3U

Playing with copics and restricted palettes! Colors aren’t totally accurate in this pic but SHOOSH whateves it looks nicer LOL


Day 60

I AM SO TIRED FRIENDS and since I can’t really drink coffee or tea well the only thing I had to keep me awake was drawing. So I did my daily a little bit here and there, which is kind of a feat for me in a way.

I wanna draw more with colouring pencils, but I should probably get a scanner too haha;;; oh and I didn’t have a ref for Pouring that’s by memory and I’m scared but too tired to check how badly I messed up. Sorry Caroline x’D

HE REALLY IS PERFS////// Pouring isn’t rocket science LOL None of the Fluff are xD


OOHHHHH Pri redesign woah woah LOL Not sold on it ALL the way, but colors I think I’m good with uvu

Not sure about attire/belly target like idk what is this xD

Or why she’s got like lizard tongue but wtv it’s 4:30 am.

She’s the Queen of the Dark Forest and the highest Antifairy. Eventually I’ll figure out what makes an antifairy different from a fairy other than opposite magic.


Caroline said she was struggling with making her cats skinny so I drew a bunch of Mist from drfreckle 

YASSSSSSSSSSSS////// v helpful my lady love GRACIAS HONHONHON////

ALso smooches u colored them LOL <333333


Some character concepts! Freckle, Autumn, and Mist. Not sold on Mist’s shapes, he needs a little work, but the other two I’m diggin ;y


I thinkkkkkkkkk I’m favoring this kind of simplification in terms of style of characters :y

Gonna be doodling a lot of cats to see if I can’t make this my default!

Maybe a new print coming up LOL Can’t decide how I want to do it, and it’s late so uou

And I’m not sold on the quote buuuuuuuut something along those lines!

ALSO It hit me that the closest voice I can imagine for Dove is MUFASA. Yessssssssss only a little less hearty, a bit softer mhm. But deep and powerful.

Drawing has been so hard today LOL I’m not even done unpacking (arm muscles reeeeeeeeally need a break).

But at least I managed to do a little thing, this guy’s nicknamed The Black from Dove’s world. It’s essentially the night and day beast since Dove’s world has no sun and no moon. It’s like a manta ray-bat thing. It chases it’s bright and colorful tail across the world. But because it’s so big and lazy, it ends up napping before it gets there. So when the body is on the top, and it snoozes, it’s “night”. And when it wakes up and chases the tail some more so that the tail faces the top of the world, it’s “day”.

Super weird concept I know but I kinda like it LOL

And it’s backside is camouflage so that from the outside, the world appears as though it isn’t even there at all.

The creature is more air-tight around the world, the last one’s drawn as a sort of diagram makeup.

I’m thinking about adding something in in terms of weather with the water collected in the tail/body during periods of sleep. There are the Fluff for some weather aspects, but as for regular rain and maybe even some seasonal things with the frogs this could be interesting.