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HEH ok trying to figure out a new character of mine from an rp hehehe

Claudia I decided he needs The Floop. Also he has a thing for teeth he would be literally the best dentist ever HEHEHHHH. But that might conflict with the germaphobe point, so I’m not sure if I’ll keep that one?? Maybe just have it so he’s a compulsive cleaner too?? idk idk LOL

Also two different colored eyes bc I think that’s p cool and I don’t have any naturally dual-eyecolored peeps???

Anyway. He’s autistic and I didn’t put that in the chart to remind myself it’s not above his character first. Been watching videos for a good long while to get a bit of a better grasp of what it is, and how to handle a character with autism because I’ve never handled that before and it’s out of my comfort zone, so I’m trying to be accurate and respectful! /yoy\

Help me I have a problem.

Warm up doodles! HEHEH gonna snag some lunch and work on pages until I take Serif to the babysitter’s place BBY////


Day 022 - tiny Dove


Sorry he says I’ll make u a pillow to lay ur head on so u can get some rest bby nu

Well Dove looks a little wompy I think but that’s what happens when u draw things at 6am and finish them later LOL

I still think this is pretty presh tEuEt

Texture from google hehehe

Zala taking shape concept in the Temple of the Gods.

It’d be super cool to paint this tbh but I don’t have the patience or skill for that rn I think LOL;;; does anybody else ever have this problem.

I taste you on my lips and I can’t get rid of you.

So I say damn your kiss and the awful things you do!

Yeah, you’re WORSE than Nicotine!

Yeah ok it’s 5am don’t judge LOL I just wanted to see them together easier to compare ok/////

Did a study of Benji too with his swankin’ new nose and errything/////

Bonus tiny Meach being really upset at me for making her look so long at this beef muffin.

Meach doodle hehehe/// Profile practice too bc I rly kinda need it LOL

Song lyrics from Bad Body Double bc I just feel these feels like that song is super Meach like she would do that whole shtick do u feel me. Feel me.

Anyway, been doing Freelance all week so far. It’s exhausting @v@;;; But what can I say, bread on the table eh?

Sometimes I just gotta draw Serif bc he’s the best cat and the best cat is Serif so I gotta draw him /v\

Today has been let’s play with Claudia’s ocs to figure out Nata’s world’s clothing style day LOL

Quite a success, might I add. Damien and Charlotte have more of the richer attire while Ivan is more commonfolk dressed.

Did a bit of a revamp on Jae’s clothes to go with Nata’s :y

And a few character notes while I world build hehehe

The only thing I’m not sold on are the claws and Jae’s face freckles I was too lazy to go see what they should actually be PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF//

YEH Playing around with Nata. From the beginning to the end of the story so like?? Yeh there are some big differences here mhm.


Look at this presh family of lil yeti fluffs HEH HEH

Just playing around with pattern combos and sizing?? Females have white fluff and shorter tails the the males. And I’d like to think they live high in the mountains to avoid humans who hunt them for furs mhm.

They probs live in discrete, burrowed caves in the snow and prefer to converse with elves or fairies over humans for obvious reasons.

Not sure if they’re magical?? I’ll think ab it LOL

Some sketchy Dove doodles from the other day U 3 U

HEHEH Yeti for Dove’s world. It’s like a snow leopard polar bear thing HEH yeh. I imagine they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and live in little families hehe yes maybe in little igloos or some such icy homes/////