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WIP! Freckle turnaround. Might add a couple more angles, depends on how motivated I am.

I’m gonna try and whip my stuff into shape by trying to do a bunch of turnarounds EvE

Start with animals and move my way up to humans as I get more used to doing them. SO have a Freckle in progress LOL

I’ll probably do Freckle, TBatR, and Dove turnarounds since these are the stories I’ve got running for the semester anyway ;y


Look at this HUGE NERD.

Claudia and I were watching 16 right like super dorks and there was this bg chara in some cute outfit so she was like draw that so I did and now there’s this new boyfriend for Olli ok his name’s Roberto because of reasons.

He works at the movie theatre LOL yehs.

Look at this little hedgehog lotus guy for Dove’s World e v e

The females have white flowers and the males have pink ones HEHEHEH they’re so presh and cute ok mhm

So I BSed this like halfway through so that’s why it’s kind of terrible but hey whateves LOL

Trying out a new program! Still getting used to things. Gonna keep going at it, playing around, I like it E v E

So have a Meach + Nathan sitting being dorks.


Playing around with coloring and style. I think I’m leaning more towards the right with maybe more of the warmer colors of the left??? We’ll see, I’m going to do a bunch of these to figure out just how I want to do the illustrations in Dr. Freckle.

Gonna try some traditional media too! But not tonight.


Day 71

some beast designs! the first two are for Cisum, the others for Dove’s world.



I wake up to the cutest notes tho look at these cuties/////

Yeeeeeees LOL

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wheresmyhero: I just read a mirrors tale on tapastic and I wanted to say that it was so frigging cute and I was in tears (happy tears!!) from how good the drawings were and the story of it. An i wanted to congratulate you on your amazing art!!!! And keep it up because i want to see lots more!!!!!!! :) :) :)

WEEPS YOU BIG PRESH///// It’ll take me a while for sure, but I hope to get it back in the spotlight by January >8D


quick commission for kikiine! thank you so much~

SQUEAKS A LOT AH///// Thanks so much Andy ahhhhh your stuff never fails to woo me off my feet WEEPS

Look at these PRESH guys, literally SPOT ON JOLLY GOOD TO YOU SIR OMG

Another before bed doodle :Y This is like the second time I ever draw Nathan or smth LOL bby u got bed head or some such thing.

Claudia what if tho one day Meach gets hurt out storm chasing and what not and lil Nathan doesn’t understand why momma isn’t coming home for a few days bloobloobloo ok I’m going to bed gonna think ab dis like a nerd LOL

Here you go babydoll hehehe/////

I guess this is the last one I’ll do since nobody else is asking LOL And it’s bedtime, so x’D;;;

I like this one she’s a cutie


Trial #2 for Mist’s design! They’re mostly just sketches, I didn’t wanna bother doing a full sheet until I’ve got him down easily. AKA, gonna consult my favorite woman for advice LOL

Plus not all of these match in style which is not exactly good for a ref sheet so LMFAO

But these are better!! ;y

Well, they’re defs p different from what I usually would have done LOL

Still doing requests!! practice practice practice :y

OC Requests????

Gonna doodle it up LOL I want to try somethiiiing a little different with shapes?? And that’s always easier when I do it with characters I’ve not got a set mind for. So no fanart for shows and mine and Claudia’s babies are probs gonna not be good for that practice so LOL

I’ll only take humans for right now, or OCs that can easily drop any animal features. And I may not do everything, but something that catches my interest!

SO!!! Send me a request if you don’t mind me going crazy and possibly ruining your characters in the name of progress LOL