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Aw YIIS starting the day with a concept warmup!

A new character for Dove’s World, Alizarin! He’s a dream eater who got lost on purpose :Y His signature replacement dream is the red behind your eyelids when the sun wakes you up (kind of like under his cloak thing there).

And he’s also been attacked by a Night Terror, which haven’t been designed yet, which is why his tail and face are nothing but bone.

I should draw what he would look like regularly just so I have the species reference :y

some kind of bear anteater thing.


Day 111. I should be trying to work on my comic but instead I tried out a profile style. Then I tried to make it a turnaround but I really can’t get the front shot right and my back is absolutely killing me so I’ll stop here for the night.



Day 110. I’ve beeN WANTING TO WORK ON DOVE’S WORLD SO BAD LATELY….. also I’ve been wanting to draw Peony’s blood since day one but hurting my babbu is hard. I like to describe it as “liquid starlight” hehee. Also it’s very rare and valuable and there’s probably some weird beliefs associated to it. For starters she can only be hurt (or at least be made to bleed/real injury) in the dream world because that’s where her real body is. So hurting a dream eater and get their blood is pretty complex you feel me.

I wanna make a sort of info sheet on dream eaters eventually bc I love them a lot. But at the same time I’m like…. maybe I’ll be mean and have you guys discover things through the comic instead. 


Dove says BBY Nu don’t worry I’ll fix I right up smooch smooch ok HEH nerd.

Some more Dove doodles EvE

Nerds, both of them.


This is the Azha Caroline drew look at how glorious it is tho

The power of BOREDOM and CRAYOLA come together.

I’m glad u like it smooch I kinda do too I like the face the rest is eh but the face is a real kicker LOL

I also drew my writing professor today because why NOT.

His mid face is so small so baby and he’s got like this huge brow it’s interesting.

Cutie baby////

Look at this punk. I need to start bringing markers with me LOL

So I messed up werewolf James but SHH I was going from memory LOL


Today is just an Angelo kinda day tEuEt


I’ve also got this little darling. I tried going with the marker directly…

Precious little Angelo :>

Hey I like this one LOL

Don’t remember if Angelo is even in this timeline but he iS NOW.


Well! I’m a few days late, but my husbando insisted I try participating in this “inktober” business… So I think I shall give it a shot!

Have a sort of self portrait for day 1 :}

HEH hey you guys! Jake is going to be participating in inktober this month!

Anybody that wants to see his drawings, feel free to give him a follow!!! ;}


Freckle it is illegal to be this cute.

I think this is the style I’m going to go with! I like this coloring better than the test comic’s, which means a little more work but in the end I’ll like the result better. Still it only took me maybe an hour and a half, and a lot of that time was trial and error on colors and such, so! It shouldn’t take me any longer than planned.

Reblogging bc LOOK AT THIS BBY

DOODLES!!!! A day late for inktober, but I just realized I should do it for JAKE instead!!! So I’ll just post this as a doodle and work on Jake’s style this month!

Also we did some watercolor practice in class from a still life and eh this is a process shot but it looks better than the final result so theRE.